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Invest To OWN 15% Fixed ROI Costa Rica

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Invest To OWN 15% Fixed ROI Costa Rica

ResClub® El Castillo - a no hassle, high-yield investment offering a fixed return of 15% P.A. across a 12 month term with $5,000 minimum investment with whole-ownership opportunities from $500,000

Residence Clubs International, LLC (ResClub®) is under contract to purchase sixty-eight acres of land within El Castillo, Costa Rica for the construction of forty two single-family homes to be offered for whole-ownership or operation within the expansion of ResClub Membership Program. This development will be in accordance with land use, zoning and building codes set forth by the local building and development department, relating to Residencia El Castillo Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 

Specifically, for the properties that will be part of the ResClub Membership Program, additional revenue will be generated through short term rentals via a large international property management company as well as various revenue streams tangential to the Membership Program.

As a Short-Term investor looking for maximum yield, this offering within ResClub® El Castillo provides an opportunity with a minimum investment of $5,000.00 to benefit from a 12 month-term garnering a high-yield 15% return per annum, payable over dividend payments over 12 months.

Residencia El Castillo is located approximately 5 minutes from the capital of Guanacaste, Liberia which offers access to all modern conveniences and within easy reach of major tourism areas, combined with access to the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

Whole ownership opportunities will exist within El Castillo, whereby an owner will have an opportunity to design their own home from a number of floor plans, which average will be 4 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom, 3,000 SqFt. Single-Family Pool Homes with Pool located on a 1.25 acre lot in a gated and guarded community with an initial pre-release price from $500,000.

Reservation deposit will be $100,000, which will also garner a 15% return over a 12 month term while the properties are under construction. Rental projections also look very positive with options to target traditional nightly stays or the increasing digital nomad market.

Note: There is no ResClub vacation program usage associated with the pure, short-term vacation investment program.

Use of Proceeds

Proceeds received from this agreement are exclusively for and secured by the purchase of the subject property. The properties have been designed and will be developed for the usage of short-term vacation rentals and/or part of the ResClub Membership Program. Company reserves the right to substitute purchase of equal to or higher value to Company and Subscriber if the opportunity exists. Investment debt garnered by the Company through this agreement shall be senior debt in first lien holder position. Company shall not carry any other debt on property until the senior debt (investment herein) is retired along with all interest owed due and payable to Subscriber.

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

The Purchased Units, when issued, sold and delivered in accordance with the terms hereof for the consideration expressed herein or therein, will be duly and validly issued and fully paid and non-assessable. 


Risks & Disclosures

A purchase of a Membership Right involves a high degree of risk and, therefore, should be undertaken only by qualified investors whose financial and other resources are sufficient to enable them to assume these risks. Prospective purchasers should carefully consider risk factors, in addition to all other information contained in the Subscription Agreement, before purchasing a Membership Right. The risk factors provided are not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all potential risks associated with the purchase of Membership Rights and additional risks not presently known to the or that the Company currently deems to beimmaterial may also affect the Company, the purchasers or the Membership Rights. Prospective purchasers should consult with their own financial, legal and tax advisors prior to purchasing any Membership Rights.

Prospective purchasers should carefully consider, among other factors, the matters described within the Subscription Agreement, each of which could have an adverse effect on the Company’s ability to pay annual returns to the owners of Membership Rights under the program in which purchasers are participating (Returns). When considering the risk factors and other considerations described below, prospective purchasers should understand that the proceeds from purchases of Membership Rights will be used to acquire real estate, and the Membership Rights and Returns that may be payable there under will therefore depend to some extent on the Company’s ability to procure a sufficient number of subscriptions be able to confer the benefits contemplated by the program. The following discussion of real property with respect to the Company and the attendant risks should be read to include the Company’s interest in the real property and, by virtue of the Membership Rights, purchasers’ indirect dependence on such real property with respect to their Returns, as well as their ability to use and enjoy such real property.


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Meet the Invest To OWN 15% Fixed ROI Costa Rica team

Founder / CEO
Craig S. Williamson

Craig has been involved in the Vacation Home Industry since 2003 and has over 20 years of experience in the field of Branded Investment Luxury Property through positions held with Four Seasons, Hard Rock, Fairfield, AECOM, Nicklaus Corporation and most recently with Encore Capital Management. Craig brings his extensive experience in the world of International Real Estate Development, Acquisition and Real Estate Development to the formulation of ResClub®.

Director of Finance
Chester Rodeheaver

Chester Rodeheaver, CFA is a Miami-based expert on investment funds, real estate, entrepreneurial strategy, and finance who has provided guidance and professional advice to family offices, real estate investors, startups, private equity firms, investment companies, and closely-held businesses for 18 years.

Alfie Best

Alfie Best is a highly successful self-made UK entrepreneur, investor, speaker and philanthropist who serves as the chairman of the Wyldecrest Parks group of companies. Starting from scratch Alfie has built Wyldecrest Parks, which boasts of a portfolio of nearly 100 UK based residential and holiday parks and a further 15 in the US valued at more than £1 Billion.