MyResClub Round 1 Priority Equity 8%+ Return

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$1,000,000 Min. Raise
$1,000,000 Max. Raise




MyResClub Round 1 Priority Equity 8%+ Return

MyResClub is an innovation company in the Network Marketing industry providing a cash back on travel and a path to Vacation Home Ownership

Alfie Best Welcomes you to the ResClub Family.

MyResClub is a Network Marketing company that has married high technology, travel, and leisure array booking and cashback on bookings.  Included in the services is education in the vacation rental property business, philanthropy, and a path to wealth.  The company is endorsed by its shareholder and board member, the largest holiday park operator in Europe, Mr. Alfie Best, of Wyldecrest Parks. MyResClub is currently operating in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and is scheduled to enter 15 more countries in 2023. 

The company licenses the Access Development travel and leisure portal.  MyResClub has deployed the license as a private, "members only" portal that provides over 1 million locations of accommodations, flights, car rental, dining, shopping, theme parks, tee times, and an array of other services.  Discounts, in the form of cashback to the credit card or debit card for bookings, are up to 50% and are returned to the booker within 3 to 5 days.  Weekly specials, holiday deals, and other programs are offered through the portal.

A unique innovation is that the Travel Associates are a priority investor club for the offerings found on the ResClub investment offering platform.  These Travel Associates are informed prior to making public, offerings, and have special access to information about future opportunities.




Use of Proceeds

The purpose of this offering is primarily for team members to purchase an interest in the company.  The company has set the date of May 2, 2025, for its Initial Public Offering.  The following advisors are being engaged to map and execute the necessary processes for the IPO. 

Nason Yeager Gerson Harris and Fumaro Law:  Legal Services

Daszkal Bolton LLP:  Tax and Audit

Price Waterhouse:  SEC Prep and Securities Audit Services

Rinehimer Baker: Operational Accounting

The use of the proceeds will be to augment the IPO preparation initialization of the aforementioned IPO team.  Additionally, proceeds will be deployed to build the company's capability to provide the most powerful marketing resources to the representatives, training facilities, and impactful content creation.

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

The investors in the offering shall have an equity ownership position in MyResClub LLC.  The representative block of ownership being provided for this offering is a 10% ownership in aggregate.  

Risks & Disclosures

Purchase of investment involves a high degree of risk and, therefore, should be undertaken only by qualified investors whose financial and other resources are sufficient to enable them to assume these risks. Prospective purchasers should carefully consider risk factors, in addition to all other information contained in the Subscription Agreement, before investing. The risk factors provided are not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all potential risks associated with investing and additional risks not presently known to the or that the Company currently deems to be immaterial may also affect the Company and the investor's rights. Prospective investors should consult with their own financial, legal, and tax advisors prior to purchasing any Membership Rights.

Prospective purchasers should carefully consider, among other factors, the matters described within the Subscription Agreement, each of which could have an adverse effect on the Company’s ability to pay annual returns under the program in which purchasers are participating (Returns). When considering the risk factors and other considerations described below, prospective purchasers should understand that the proceeds from investments shall be utilized in the process of preparation of the IPO. 

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Meet the MyResClub Round 1 Priority Equity 8%+ Return team

Craig Shawn Williamson


Global VP of Sales and Marketing

Peter “PJ” Jensen, brings over 30 years of successful global Networking Marketing experience to the Myresclub Team! PJ has always been at the pinnacle of every area in network marketing, building some of the largest sales forces in the history of the industry, generating over 3.5 Billion in global sales most notably with YTB Travel!\r\n“Joining Myresclub is a dream come true for me, as Travel is my passion!

VP of Global Operations
Paula Lewis

Paula Lewis takes pride in making sure that all operations run smoothly and efficiently. This includes making sure that our Team continues to challenge and motivate the field daily. From the operation of the software and back office, to insuring all systems maintain integrity and efficiency. Prior to working with MyResclub Paula directed the daily operations for Executive Teams and Sales Managers for an energy consultant firm.

Board Member, Shareholder and Advisor, ResClub
Alfie Best

Alfie Best is a highly successful self-made UK entrepreneur, investor, speaker and philanthropist who serves as the chairman of the Wyldecrest Parks group of companies. Starting from scratch Alfie has built Wyldecrest Parks, which boasts of a portfolio of nearly 100 UK based residential and holiday parks and a further 15 in the US valued at more than £1 Billion He also owns a golf course in Herefordshire and East Thurrock Football Club and Vaaroom, a nationwide motorhome hire company as well a